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How To Use CPanel With Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

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And Wasted Webmaster Expenses Fast!"

"We Are So Confident You'll Love (And Learn From) Our Videos, 
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Chris Morris And Bob The Teacher sharing website tips at the World Internet Main Event

Chris Morris And Bob Jenkins
Re: Your website frustrations (and how we can help)

Do you get the feeling that there is just some piece of this whole online business puzzle that you are missing?

That you're frustrated with something, but you can't put your finger on it just yet?

We can help.

Since the internet turned into the World Wide Web, both Chris and I have run dozens of websites and simplified this complex technology for thousands of people as they clamored to get online.

In doing so, we've come to realize something about website clients. In an ironic way, we've been doing a disservice to them by managing their websites for them.

Sure, they "asked" us to maintain their websites, and to show them the point and click things they need to do. They stressed that they wanted to avoid confusing them with "the details."

And we've been happy to comply with those wishes.

But we can't continue this way.

We can't continue to control other people's websites because it's like raising their children. And you should not be letting someone else raise your business!

Who Do You Trust To "Raise" Your Business?

Ten years as a high school history teacher taught me that you should never raise other people's children for them, no matter how much they beg you. And Chris has been a stay-at-home dad for the last few years because he knows nobody is better at raising his 5 kids than he and his wife.

And the same should be the case for your business.

People say they want us to just do it all for them. But Chris and I finally figured out what was really going on.

These frustrated business owners were too afraid to ask key questions, questions they either didn't know to ask, or ones they thought would make them look "stupid".

You're probably nodding your head right about now (how did I guess?), understanding exactly what I mean.

So instead of risking your "pride" by asking the questions in the first place, intelligent people just like you, put their business in our hands.

Although we appreciate the trust, the time has come to tackle the most important pieces of the business website puzzle.

Because Chris and I both truly believe that you are much better off knowing the answers to these questions. And that by not knowing them, your online business is doomed to failure.


Because webmasters and web hosting companies around the world, people a lot less ethical than us, will gouge you with high prices, give you the run around about getting the job done on time, and leave them high and dry whenever it's convenient for them.

Look, we're huge believers in outsourcing. It's a fundamental way to grow a business.

But there are just some questions that every online business builder MUST know, or their online business will be in the hands of somebody else.

And that's a risk that we're not willing to let people take. Not anymore.

Chris and I have created this step-by-step video tutorial resource website to teach you what you need to know about controlling your own website.

And in the process, control your business.

You Can Learn How To Do What Could Cost You
$100 Or More Per Hour For Someone Else To Do

Our videos demystify the complex world of web hosting so you can move forward with your online business.

And ultimately, when you do decide to outsource some of these website tasks, you'll actually know what your service provider is talking about, and negotiate a fair price for these services.

For example, we personally charge clients $25 for a script installation (and that's pretty cheap in today's marketplace). Yet the installation itself takes about 10 minutes to do. If you convert that to an hourly rate, it's $150/hour!

Another example is email addresses. Some of the most popular web hosting services will sell you a hosting account ($10/month) AND a bundle of 5 email accounts for an additional $20. But with the right hosting companies (we'll tell you which ones inside), you can create unlimited email addresses yourself and pay nothing but the regular hosting fee.

Here's one last example, and it's my favorite...

You probably know you can register a domain name for your website (like for under $10/year. And then you buy hosting for about $10/month.

What happens when you buy the second domain?

Most of the most respected names in the businesses will charge you an extra $10/month for each extra domain. And you've probably been paying each and every one of those charges because you simply didn't know there was a better way.

Chris And I Have Been There (On Both Sides),
And We Feel Your Pain!

When you know the skills we teach in our video series, you'll be able to put as many domains as you want on the same hosting account.

Do the math. If you have 10 websites in a year, the difference is staggering.

Look At The Savings When You
Are "In The Know"

Website Item Their Way Our Way
10 Domain Registrations $90 ($9 each) $90 ($9 each)
10 Hosting Accounts
(per month)
$100 or more $10
Total For 1 Year $1290 $210
You Save Over $1000 When You Know The
Truth We Reveal In Our Videos

Yes, You Must Have A Real Website If You Want To
Make Real Money Online

You may be asking yourself if you really need a website to succeed online.

(And if you're not asking, you should be...)

Our answer is absolutely. Although you can do "okay" with a company replicated website (network marketers, for example), a Squidoo lens (I'm a big fan of those!) or with a third-party hosted blog (like Blogger, e.g.), you can't really be successful. If you are like Chris and me, "okay" isn't good enough. These are just supplements to the real deal.

So yes, if you are building an online business, you have to have a website of your own.

Forget about the stories where people make a fortune using Adwords and straight affiliate promotions.

The truth of the matter is you must have a website of some kind in order to really make it online.

Let me put it this way. Without a website of your own, you will have tremendous difficulty in accomplishing the following pieces of building a business online:

  • Building your list

  • Selling affiliate products

  • Selling your own products

  • Delivering your own products

  • Establishing your credibility as an expert

The exceptions to this are people who wish to generate all of their income from one network marketing company or from selling on eBay – and even then, having your own website (and not just the replicated site your company gives you) provides a tremendous advantage over your competitors.

Now that we've got that question settled, let's dig deeper into the world of web hosting.

Save Money And Headaches By Learning
Each Of These Important Website Skills

You should be comfortable with doing the main jobs needed to run your websites.

If you learn these skills, you'll avoid paying too much to any person or service provider either now or when you decide to outsource later. So here are the 14 skills you really need to learn so you don't get ripped off by a web hosting company or webmaster.

  • Create and manage your own email account **

  • Registering your own domains **

  • Set up your web hosting account properly **

  • Upload and manage your website files and images **

  • Redirect users to different URLs

  • Install a blog, forum, Wiki's and more, with Fantastico

  • Customize your 404 Error Pages **

  • Create and manage SQL Databases

  • Add on multiple domains within one hosting account **

  • Protect your directories from unauthorized snoopers **

  • Create and manage Subdomains

  • Track your site visitors and errors with Statistics

  • Set up and manage Resell Rights products and sales pages for maximum profit

  • Install a PHP/MySQL Script properly

(** designates skills you ABSOLUTELY must know how to do)

This list of tasks may seem very daunting to you. However, once you learn them, you'll save a ton of money.

More importantly, your online business will actually move forward. That's why Chris and I want to help you.

And we're prepared to help you right away, if you are willing to claim your first video for free.

Our Videos Are Different Than Any Other
cPanel® Videos On The Market

** Don't Be Fooled By Imitators **

You may have seen other cPanel® videos on the internet. Perhaps you've purchased them and you were disappointed just like we were.

The others come up short in several key areas. You won't have to worry about that with our videos.

Each of our videos, including the free ones we'll be giving you now, all include...

  • Easy to understand, live narration by Chris Morris or Bob Jenkins (American English speakers) -- two genuine internet marketers who've made it their mission to help people from the start.

  • Clear video resolution so you don't have to guess what's being shown (sensitive data is obscured)

  • Strategic explanations of how to use the cPanel® features for marketing purposes, not just technical prowess

  • Creative combinations of the different features within cPanel® so you can apply what you learn to move your business forward.

We also feature an extensive members area where you'll find additional resources for internet business building. Whether you market information products, or you want to get your website more traffic to promote offline products, these tools and resources are an extra benefit others simply can't (or refuse to) provide to you.

Learn The Most Critical Skill For Your Online Business With Our Webmail Video As Our Free Gift To You

Chris and I created in order to break down the key features of the world's most popular control panel dashboard, cPanel® so you can avoid paying high prices to a webmaster.

Chances are the web host you chose is using cPanel right now (just go to and see if you get a cPanel® login).

Our step-by-step video tutorials have been made to help you control your site, and we'll be telling you more about all of them inside the members area.

But instead of overloading you with too much information here, we'd like to propose an introductory offer for you.

An offer we really think you'd be foolish to pass up if you're serious about doing things right with our expert guidance.

We'd like to give you up to three of our videos for free, in exchange for nothing more than your trust in our teaching and for telling others about what we're teaching here at

Here's how it works.

Out of the 15+ videos that we've created for you, the one that we feel is the most important for you to know how to do is to manage your own email accounts.

Claim Your Free Video: Webmail

  • Create unlimited email addresses for use with friends, giveaways, customers, and VIPs - without spending more money at your hosting company*

  • Brand yourself with a style of e-mail address so people know right away that you mean business!

  • Manage what emails are trash, spam, or "must-reads" with web-based controls

Real Value: $27

(All videos assume you have a cPanel® host)

We feel this is the most important video to introduce you to controlling your own web business because email overload is the biggest problem facing struggling marketers these days.

I can't speak for Chris, but I know I get at least 250 emails every day. And knowing how to set up separate email accounts for the key messages we actually must read and respond to (our customers are waiting!) is extremely important. If we didn't know how to do this, how would we be able to separate the emails that will actually make our businesses grow vs. the ones that will suck every bit of life out of us?

Another problem about email is in the way that you look to your customers.

I don't like disparaging companies, especially pioneering ones like Hotmail and Yahoo! But if you are using free email services ONLY for your email, then no one will perceive you as the online entrepreneur you are.

Think about it.

Who would you want to buy from? Someone with an email like (no offense), or

Not to mention the horrible way that most free email services treat SPAM, or unilaterally block email you want to receive while still delivering all those enhancement messages or those UK Lottery winning announcements.

So when you download this video from us now, you'll not only be able to create email accounts for different purposes, you'll also be able to brand yourself with a style of address.

All you have to do now, is agree to learn from us this critical skill and we'll give you immediate download access to your first video.

Already Know The Basics? Read This...

If you already have a handle on the basics, you'll learn a lot from our more advanced videos.

Our Diamond Mastery video series walks you through setting up MySQL databases, installing scripts, putting up resell rights products, FTP and File management, and a lot more. Simply claim your free Webmail video below to see more details inside.

Over 11,700 People Just Like You Have Already Safely Downloaded Our Videos And Learned How To Control Their Websites Themselves -- You Could Be Next!

You won't be the first person to learn from these videos (and certainly not the last). In fact, recently the 7500th member downloaded their first video from our site. And although we've had to upgrade our web servers to handle the traffic from this great response, it's been worth it to us.

Especially when we hear back from our satisfied customers.

Here's what a few of those 7500+ members have thought about what we teach here at

Imagine How Confident You'll Feel About Your Online Business After Mastering Your cPanel®, Just Like These Members...

"The first video was great! I immediately set up my own email account.... It was a breeze."

Bridgette Bell

"These videos are awesome for a person who gets a hosting account and looks at all the pictures in their cPanel and doesn't have a clue to what any of the Icons are for.

These videos are the answer instead of having to wait for your Hosting account to do this for you. Plus they charge an arm and a leg to perform these duties for you!

These Videos are very Easy to understand and give you the Confidence needed to become more independent and to do more online duties like advertising your Website and save valuble time for other aspects of your business!"

Louis Morris
Tampa, Florida

"Webmail was very informative.

There were answers to unanswered questions I had before watching that caused me to avoid webmail; now I look forward to it."

Lucy Rowens

Create Your Own Webmail Accounts Now...

"I think it is great!

I have learned more in the hour I've spent watching than I have in 2 previous years of trying. The instructing is very good. I like the idea that I can go back and watch them more than once to refresh my memory."

Guy A. Perry
Charleston, West Virginia

"I have had tremendous success with DiscovercPanel Videos.

The Videos have really made setting up my Website a lot easier. I would recommend the Videos to anyone who aspires to market on the Internet. You just can't be left short on your knowledge base. The videos are affordable for everyone."

Bob Middleton

"I've just purchased the diamond pack of the Discover CPanel Video Tutorials and can now move on with my website building.

This was the missing link. Without this knowledge my websites are dead in the water.These videos are a "Must Have" for anyone who is serious about earning a living online!

Mamadou Yabuku II
Redford, Michigan

"Really covered all the areas, and to a degree I did not expect.

I am a 'techie' and could have puzzled things out myself...given time and possible frustration. Having someone who has 'blazed a trail' to follow always makes the trip easier!

If you value your time, and you should, this product's value is over the top!"

Keith Eric Yates

Start Controlling Your Website Now...

"I have found the videos I've viewed to be very informative.

I've used cPanel for a while, but have learned everything I know by trial and error. These videos have helped me fill in the blanks and find more efficient ways to accomplish things.

Thank you, I'm grateful that you have offered these videos."

Central Oregon, USA

And many more testimonials have been shared with Chris and me.

The Gurus Don't Need Us To Teach Them, But They
Beg Us
To Teach Their Customers

Even some of the best teachers of marketing online thank us for providing this resource for their members. After all, when you buy the latest website script or resell rights product, they just expect you to know these "basics" in order to use their products. Chris and I have done the teaching for them, and this is what we're hearing from them...

"Bob and Chris,

Your DiscovercPanel videos were an answer to many newbie prayers. So many times it's the little things that keep people from being able to succeed online. Either they don't know how to do the technical things or they don't have the money to pay someone to do them for them.

The DiscovercPanel videos are something that I will use as a resource for all of my readers, so that they are no longer left in the dark on the technical side of the business!

Thank you so much!"

Liz Tomey

"I'm glad that has turned out to be as useful a site now as it promised to be.

There are few sites which my customers actually 'thank' me for introducing them to. is one of them."

Tim Brocklehurst

And more endorsements have come in from...

  • Jeremy Gislason

  • James Grandstaff

  • Mike Paetzold

  • Matthew Glanfield

  • John Sawyer

  • Jason Dinner

  • Ian del Carmen

  • Andrew Stark

  • Martin Salter

  • Kristi Sayles

  • Frank Bauer

  • And many more...

We're very proud of what we've created for you, and appreciate all the positive feedback we get each day. We know you will not be disappointed!

"But Wait Guys, I Don't Even Have A Website At All!"

When Chris and I first created this set of videos, we assumed that you would already have your own domain name and hosting account.

But the feedback we received showed us how foolish this assumption was.

(You remember what they say about "assuming", right?)

So we have two ways to help you if you are at the very, very beginning of this entire process. First is a concise eBook that I personally wrote to address the biggest questions about web hosting that we've been asked by our clients in the past.

It's called "7 Questions You Didn't Know To Ask About Web Hosting." And you can download it (and give it away) after you claim your free video below.

Bonus Learning Resource eBook
7 Questions You Didn't Know To Ask About Web Hosting

  • The real difference between websites, servers, hosting, and registrars

  • What you need to know (and don't) about terms like DNS, SQL, PHP, IP Address

  • What your web host doesn't want you to know about bandwidth and space!

  • The key features your web host MUST have or else kick them to the curb!

  • The exact cPanel enabled hosting companies we trust our businesses with every single day...

  • And Much More!

Value: $27
Yours Free With Membership Today

Share What You Learn From Our First Video
And Receive Two More Videos Free

And if you take the next step, and tell just 3 people about what you learned (so they can learn how to do this, too), we'll give you two more videos as our sincere thanks.

These two additional videos also teach you critical pieces of this online business puzzle. We call these our Referral Bonus Videos.

Referral Bonus Video #1: Domain Registration Strategies

  • Efficiently manage all your domains under one account.

  • Save money by using our preferred domain registrar.

  • Discover how to register magnetic domain names with a virtual brainstorming buddy.

  • Quit paying someone to change your DNS settings.

Real Value: $17

Referral Bonus Video #2: Website Hosting

  • Uncover hidden hosting gems saving you time and money.

  • Locate the best CPanel hosts and learn how to evaluate them wisely.

  • Use our simple money saving tips and put that to site promotion.

  • Earn free hosting and large commissions from the best webhosting affiliate programs.

Real Value: $27

Again, to get these two additional videos, simply tell 3 people (or more) about our site and what our videos teach you. We'll give you a special link inside this site that "tags" your referrals with your ID. And when 3 or more people join from your recommendation (and they will if you believe this will help them, too), you'll automatically be able to download the two referral bonus videos for free.

Why are we willing to give you these videos for free?

First, Chris and I know what it's like to need help at the start of something. We weren't always experts in the field of internet marketing or technology. We had to learn the ropes just like you do, and we appreciated every time someone gave us help (even if we "thought" we didn't need it).

Also, we're very confident that you'll learn a lot from the way we teach you just in these first few videos. And you'll want to learn from our other videos too as our paying customer. We want to earn your trust and business, and develop a long term relationship of teaching you how to succeed online.

So although we are taking a hit right now giving these videos away (we do have to pay for the digital delivery of these videos to you), we think it's worth it if it means you learn skills that will save you money, and you decide to work with us more closely in the future.

Click here to claim your free Webmail video, the 7 Questions You Didn't Know To Ask About Web Hosting Ebook, and be eligible for the two Referral Bonus Videos.

We reserve the right to begin charging for this introductory package
at any time, and without notice.

Chris and I want you to be successful. Don't pass up on this opportunity to learn the core pieces of your web business, while the introductory offer is still free.

Begin your first cPanel lessons now, and claim your free email video today!

To your success online!

Bob Jenkins

Chris Morris

p.s. Businesses fail online because their owners don't know the right information at the right time. Don't run that type of business! Learn the most important pieces of your business now, before it's too late. Claim your free video...

p.p.s. By the way, we have some extra goodies inside the members area, too. Be sure to click on Unadvertised Bonuses once inside.

p.p.p.s. Looking for an affiliate program down here? We've already paid over $27,000 to affiliates, and we'll be sharing up to $50 or more with you for sharing this site. Claim your video and become an instant affiliate now...

Note: Our videos assume you already have cPanel hosting. If you do not, we'll show you how to get cPanel hosting for your website. If you don't know if you have cPanel already, type in, and if a login screen appears, then you have cPanel. If not, then you do not have it.

cPanel® is a registered trademark of cPanel, Inc. is not endorsed or affiliated with cPanel, Inc.